Serving the Underserved

The Shakti Mission is committed to responsible citizenship by playing an active role in the growth and development of the communities in which we worship, live and work. Our Mission is centered on alleviating hardships faced by chronically under-served populations​.

How You Can Help

Hot Meals - Local

The Shakti Mission provides hot nutritious meals to seniors at Adult day care centers and homeless shelters throughout Queens & Brooklyn, NY. 

Food Relief-Guyana

The Shakti Mision provides one weeks worth of groceries to families suffering from extreme proverty.


Donate any dollar amount today to support The Shakti Mission’s programs, locally and in Guyana.   

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Vijah Ramjattan
President of United Madrassi Association

Meet Aunty Urmila

Meet Aunty Urmila from Berbice, Guyana. At the age of four, she was diagnosed with a degenerative disease that impaired her growth. Due to this impairment, both her arms and legs were underdeveloped.   As she grew older, Aunty Urmila’s ability to walk and properly care for herself slowly diminished and she became very dependent on her family.
After suffering through the death of both parents, Aunty Urmila was forced to live her brother and his family who were barely making ends meet themselves.
Aunty Urmila breaks down tearfully recollecting the days where meals were scarce and hope seemed impossible.
Forced into bed rest most days, she yearns to walk in the fields, feeling cool dirt and textured grass under her feet. She yearns to feel the warm rays of sunshine on her face and the cool droplets of rain down her
cheeks rather than hot tears.
For only $15 a month, you can provide one week of groceries to those in need like Aunty Urmila.