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A group of altruistic friends established The Shakti Mission to help alleviate the chronic hardships faced by our brothers and sisters- many of whom are disadvantaged, disabled, and elderly-in our local community right here in NYC by providing hot meals, clothing, refurbished electronics, toiletries, and financial assistance.

Our members and volunteers bring commitment, innovation, passion, creativity, and an appreciation of both the big picture and the importance of giving back.

We have made great progress in bringing much-needed meals and service thus far. Unfortunately, we cannot continue to do this important work alone! We need your help; The struggling low-income families need your help; the poor and disadvantaged children need your help!

The Shakti Mission is a 501c3 not-for-profit organization committed to aiding low-income families, especially those that are homeless by providing the basic necessities such as hot meals, gently worn clothing, new toiletries, toys, and educational supplies. We have a wide array of volunteers that prepare meals and care packages weekly and distribute them directly to local shelters and schools across the city. Our outreach team targets those that are most vulnerable by carefully assessing the needs of high-risk communities; understanding the native challenges and obstacles. We accomplish this by establishing and incorporating programs that offer short-term relief. We look forward to collaborating with local nonprofits, corporations, religious organizations, and communities that are passionate about fostering a healthier enhanced future for those that are most vulnerable. Through this mission, we seek to empower those that are less fortunate, instilling hope for a better future

Our Local Programs

  • Hot Meals
  • Clothing Distributions
  • Covid-19 Relief Initatives
  • Giveaways
  • Tech Start Campaign

Our International Programs

  • Orphanage Feedings & Clothing
  • Dharamshala Meals
  • Grocery Distribution